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New SaGa Game?

"Emperors SaGa (エンペラーズ サガ?) is a downloadable social game in the SaGa series from Square Enix. The gamewas released on the GREE platform on September 18, 2012. In Emperors SaGa, players take the role of the emperor of a nation, and guide the country as its ruler. The title is freemium, downloadable for free but allowing a player to purchase more content with in app purchases." taken from its wiki page

Do you guys know anything about this?
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Saga Tactics!

Hey everyone, long time fan of SF, and I may be making a tactics game based off of it. Take a look at a teaser picture! It's photoshopped together (had to make the asura from scratch) but the engine for displaying the terrain is already done.saga nobilia

I have animations for Emelia, Asellus, Rocky, and Snakeman, so it should be enough to get a playable prototype up and running. Thoughts?
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Hello! I've come bearing fic!

I'm pretty new to this community, but I've been in the fandom for quite some time. There are a lot of characters I like just fine, but my favorites are Leonard(a recent one though), Gen, Asellus, Rastaban/Ildon, and Fuse.

This fic is the lastest Saga Frontier fic I've written. Hope you like!

Fandom: Saga Frontier
Type: Fanfic
Word Count: 681
Characters: Rastaban, Ildon, Asellus
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Don't own Saga Frontier.
Summary: Based on the prompt: Rastaban/Ildon. Rastaban is certain of Ildon's devotion to him; he is not so certain of his devotion to his cause.
Something exploring Ildon's fear that Rastaban has gone mad, but from Rastaban's point of view. Smut not required.
Notes: Spoilers for Saga Frontier. Inspired by Bjork's Bachelorette and yet this fic is set to Mother Heroic, which has nothing to do with the first song or this fic. Must have been the xylophones. That, and the fact that Mother Heroic is quite the tearjerker, imo.

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SaGa Links

Hello all, how goes it?

farel13 brought to my attention a SaGa Wiki and asked if I could post it here in hopes some of us might take to editing it!

Also, any other websites you guys think I should ad in a Links section in this comm? I was thinking maybe SF's TV Tropes, SF's Let's Play, some art links (Kobayashi's site, blue_rouge's scan gallery of Essence, etc) and maybe the SF gamespot forum? What do you guys think? Any suggestions? :)
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(no subject)

So guys. I'm playing a game of Changeling: The Lost with a character based on who is a blatant rip-off of Asellus, and the GM asked what her last name is. Does anyone know if there's a canon answer, or barring that have a good suggestion?
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SaGa Frontier Guides

*sigh* Was browsing Ebay and just found 2 more SaGa Frontier guides I don't own, and here I thought I had them all except for the Piano Scores :(
1, 2
Have any of you seen these ones before? Of course I bought them, I am obsessed with the guides *_*

On another note, heard from sushihane there is some amazing SaGa cosplay on, you need to sign up to see more then just thumbnails, but wow that's some nice stuff!!

SaGa Fashion!

Hey all.
I am a Fashion/Illustration student at Parsons, and last semester I designed an accessories collection inspired by Emelia's story and these fancy locks that are reminiscent of Tomomi's art.
What do you think?
And sorry for the watermarks, but I gotta protect my work!

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