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Chapter 6: Part 1 (Blue's Quest) [May. 9th, 2009|11:25 am]
A Fan Community for the SaGa RPG Series

Director Akitoshi Kawazu Strike!!

100 mysteries of SaFa Frontier

To untangle and shed light on the many remaining mysteries in the game, we had a hard-hitting interview with director Akitoshi Kawazu!  If you read this, you can have a better understanding of the SaGa Frontier world.

 [Translator's note: I am an amateur, and I am busy, and I am not fluent, so this the translation may be clumsy, slightly inaccurate, and less frequent that others might like.  Sorry in advance.]
[Translator's note: anything in brackets is a translator's note. ;-) ]


Blue’s Quest

1.  Was Rouge also out to kill Blue?

When Rouge attended his graduation ceremony (elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom) he also received an order to terminate Blue.  In the Magic Kingdom there are actually two magic institutions: the Omote [front, surface, head] Institute, and the Ura [reverse, back, bottom] Institute.  The great secret was that one of the twins would be kept at the Ura Institute, while the other kept at the Omote Institute, both trained in magic, then ordered to kill one another.


2.  What is the reason that Rouge can learn Mind Magic, but Blue can’t?

My bad (laugh).  Blue and Rouge should have both been able to earn the gift of Mind Magic before their final confrontation. If the game is released in an English version, we will certainly fix that. “Saga Frontier International”?  That probably won’t happen. (laugh)


3.  Do Kylin and Princess Rei know each other? In Blue’s story, once you’ve acquired the gift of space magic, if you visit Princess Rei again, there’s a line that seems to indicate that.

While looking at her character sprite and listening to her talk you could get the impression that she’s an adult, Rei is actually supposed to be a 10-12 year old child.  Before she came to the shrine in Devin, she was probably in Kylin’s space.  When she escaped from the Palace of Thorns, Kylin took her in and sheltered her.


            4.  Where exactly does the final showdown between Blue and Rouge take

Actually, that was never decided.  At first we were thinking that when you go to a swamp or a dungeon, you would meet Rouge there, talk a bit, then fight. Being pursued just in like in Asellus’ story, right?  Having that ultimate battle in any location turned out to be impossible, so we settled on the current location.


5.  Right after the beginning of the scenario, a message saying, “Hurry, seek out magical talents before Rouge” appears.  Is there actually a time limit on Blue’s magic quest?

There was when we first started out.  At the beginning you choose whether to go to Devin or Luminous.  If you chose to go to Devin first, you could freely choose between Rune and Arcane magic.  But after that, when you went to Luminous, Rouge would have already chosen between Light and Shadow magic, leaving you to learn the one he didn’t.  That was the system we set up.  But, in the spirit of SaGa games allowing players to develop their characters the way they like, we decided restricting players like that would be a waste.


6.  While standing in front of the goddess statue, Blue mutters “deceitful goddess”. Why?

[This sentence is a nightmare, so I’ll do my best.]  The true relationship between Rouge and Blue kept secret from him, this place sealed beneath his school, the place that meant the most to him, the Magic Kingdom, destroyed.  He’s angry and doesn’t know what to feel, and thus these words are an expression of that built up frustration.


7.      At the entrance of hell, the person on the ground says “You... truly...?” What’s the rest?

“You... truly are those twins.” [This was also a difficult sentence to translate.]


8.      What’s the reason behind the angels in Hell?

The Magic Kingdom, in ancient times, used the power of the rings that appear Riki’s quest to create this place.  They created a place that looked like heaven, but whose content came to be called Hell.  For that reason, they sealed it deep underground.


[User Picture]From: asitiswhenitwas
2009-05-09 03:16 am (UTC)
Awesome. Much appreciated.
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[User Picture]From: margyydoodle
2009-05-09 04:58 am (UTC)
Amazing! Thanks so much, can't wait for more! ♥
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: kaze_taco
2009-05-09 11:05 pm (UTC)
... I love you. THANK YOU!
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